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What will happen if I save my work on a campus computer under “Documents” on the C drive?

All your work you save on the C drive (in any folder) will disappear as soon as you shut the computer down. Never save your work on the C drive.

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How do I put money on my printing account?

There is a machine in the library near the Reference Desk that allows you to sign in just like you would on a campus computer. You can put money in the machine and add the amount you want to your account. Library and IT staff can also manually put money on your account if necessary.

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I tried to print my document but nothing came out of the printer. The printer says ready, and I don’t get any error messages on the computer. What is happening?

Most of the time when you send a print job to the printer and nothing comes out, it may mean you don’t have enough money on your account. Unfortunately, the system is unable to let you know this is the issue.

You can check your printing balance by clicking on the small up arrow in the taskbar along the bottom of your computer screen. A small window of hidden icons will appear. When you move your mouse over the $ icon you will see the balance.

If you ever feel there is a problem with your account balance, IT staff can run a print history for you.

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Want to use your personal or mobile device on the campus network?

Please visit or call your local IT Helpdesk to assist in registering it.

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Where can I go to see upcoming IT scheduled maintenance or current Outage status?

Currently, we will continue to communicate maintenance and outages via email/listservs. We are currently in the process of developing a new process and tool (IT Status | UMS Notifications) that will assist with providing up to date information as we move forward.

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